RTMC condemns 'truck racing' on N1

RTMC condemns 'truck racing' on N1

The Road Traffic Management Corporation (RTMC) has strongly condemned the actions of two truck drivers, who were captured on camera driving recklessly on the N1 near Laingsburg.

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RTMC spokesperson Simon Zwane says this kind of conduct places the lives of many innocent road users at risk.

Take a look at the video here:

Zwane says they are calling on truck owners to take strong action against the drivers.

"Truck owners are reminded that they have a responsibility to ensure that their vehicles are driven by fit and proper drivers who will not place the lives of other road users at risk," says Zwane.

Zwane says trucks contribute significantly to road fatalities on the country's roads. 

"Last year the RTMC investigated 36 accidents involving trucks. A total of 143 people died in those accidents while 136 were injured."

Zwane says they commend the motorists who recorded and reported the drivers to the authorities.  

"We urge all motorists not to turn a blind eye to transgressions of road rules."

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