SA should correct its politics: Pityana

SA should correct its politics: Pityana

Professor Barney Pityana says there is no clear voice of reason in South Africa at the moment.

Barney Pityana
Photo: Samkelo Maseko

Pityana addressed the National Science and Technology Forum in Kempton Park.

Pityana says at the heart of the country's problem is politics gone wrong.

He says even students have no credible leaders who speak with an authoritative voice.

Pityana also adds South Africans also have a trust deficit.


"Clearly our politics, as a country, have gone all wrong. We need a corrective measure to the politics of the country. The politics of the country have not always been like this, but they are what they are today and part of this phenomenon that students are having to confront is this inability of South Africans to trust. We don't trust the president, the government, the ministers or the police. We don't trust anybody who's in authority. We live with a burden of withholding trust," says Pityana.

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