SABC evacuation following diesel spillage

SABC evacuation following diesel spillage

The SABC Radio Park building in Auckland Park was evacuated on Wednesday morning following a diesel leak.

SABC building
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Netcare 911 spokesperson Shawn Herbst says 2 000 litres of diesel had spilled from a generator on the 15th floor.

While no fatalities have been reported, several people sustained chemical inhalation.

"Emergency services had evacuated the building. However, it’s alleged that a small number of occupants are stuck on the 17th floor, who were unable to leave due to the intoxicating fumes.

"There are no fatalities, however there is a number of people that have sustained chemical inhalation and they have been taken to hospital only as a precaution to get assessed by our medical practitioner.”


Meanwhile, the SABC has released a statement blaming the incident on a power outage in Auckland Park.



"There was a power outage earlier this morning (Wednesday) which resulted in the SABC's internal system switching from city power to the backup generator, due to the aging and failure of the equipment, this led to the diesel tank overflowing.”

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