SACAA temporarily suspends Lufthansa Technik

SACAA temporarily suspends Lufthansa Technik

The South African Civil Aviation Authority (SACAA) has temporarily suspended the approval of Lufthansa Technik, the aircraft maintenance organisation that maintains the Comair fleet.

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This follows a spate of incidents involving Kulula and local British Airways flights since February.

In a statement SACAA says a four-day audit was conducted.

" A level 1 finding poses an immediate risk to users of civil aviation services and such findings must be closed immediately.

"The SACAA reviewed the evidence and corrective action plans submitted by the operator until Monday 21 March 2022. The evidence was found to be satisfactory in relation to two of the level 1 findings. This means that two other level 1 findings could not be closed within the stipulated time.

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"It is for this reason that the SACAA handed a 24-hour precautionary suspension of the privileges of the AMO with effect from Monday night. The operator is required to submit further evidence to close the gaps identified by the regulator within this period, failing which the regulator will indefinitely suspend the approval of the AMO until such findings are sufficiently closed." 

SACAA temporarily suspends Lufthansa Technik by sibahle motha on Scribd

Before the suspension of Lufthansa, Comair was grounded over a week back as a result of safety concerns raised by SACAA. 


However, Comair has since taken to the skies a few days after suspension. 

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