SAHRC: #AdamCatzavelos probe underway

SAHRC: #AdamCatzavelos probe underway

The South African Human Rights Commission says it has received more than 50 complaints of hate speech and racism against Adam Catzavelos' racist video. 

K-work user on video
Video screengrab - supplied

The commission's Priscilla Jana says they've been inundated with requests for Catzavelos to be brought to justice.  

The Johannesburg businessman's comments were met with anger on social media. 

While on holiday in Greece, he filmed himself using the K-word saying it's heaven on earth because there are no black people in sight. 

Jana says they're investigating the matter further.

"We understand that he is still in grief. We're trying to get particulars about him before taking any further steps. We're trying to get into some kind of settlement. We want to make that settlement in order with the court and we'd like the Equality Court to assist us in this matter," she says. 

The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) in Gauteng has since opened a criminal case against the businessman. 

Catzavelos has also been fired from his family business and a number of companies have also terminated their partnerships with the business.

Catzavelos has since issued a statement, in which he unreservedly apologises for his actions and the hurt it caused.  

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