Sanco calls for hate speech charge after woman's racist rant caught on film

Sanco calls for hate speech charge after woman's racist rant caught on film

The South African National Civic Organisation (Sanco) on Friday called for hate speech charges to be laid against a motorist after a video of her racist rant emerged.

Racist rant

In the video she is seen hurling racist insults at police and making threats in Johannesburg.

The woman had been involved in a smash-and-grab incident. A bystander managed to capture her response on film.

eNCA aired the video.

WARNING: This video contains offensive language. Please exercise caution when viewing.

Sanco national spokesperson Jabu Mahlangu said: "We wish to condemn in the strongest terms possible the hateful, vitriolic insults and threats that were thrown around including at a black police officer that arrived at the crime scene with his white colleague."

Mahlangu said that increase in shameful incidents of this nature points to a resurgence of racism aimed at undermining reconciliation, nation building and social cohesion.

"Such provocative insults if not adequately addressed will only serve to polarise racial relations, reopen old wounds and the ugly past that the majority in the country chose to put behind," he cautioned.

He emphasised that swift action and justice must be seen to be served against perpetrators before victims start taking matters into their own hands.

The woman was filmed saying: "One k***** is bad enough. This happens all the time, all the time. The k*****s here in Johannesburg are terrible, I'm so sick of it."

One of the policemen attempted to defuse the situation, but was unsuccessful.

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