Schools can't promote any specific religion

BREAKING: Schools can't promote any specific religion

The High Court in Johannesburg has ruled that public schools cannot promote any specific religion to the exclusion of others.

Photo: Wikimedia

"We have found that if such conduct is considered unlawful, the principle of subsidiarity required either that the appropriate school governing rule be attacked as unconstitutional, or that the conduct must be attacked as offending the appropriate school governing body rule," says Judge Van der Linde.

The Organisation for Religious Education and Democracy (OGOD) took six Christian schools to court over the promotion of religion in institutions.  

OGOD wanted the promotion of religion in state-funded schools declared unconstitutional and learners to rather determine religious practices.

The case was opposed by the six schools, as well as civil rights groups Solidarity and AfriForum, who acted as a friend of the court on behalf of the schools.

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