Security Minister concerned about spy, watchdog tussle

Security Minister concerned about spy, watchdog tussle

The ministry responded to the urgent court application against the agency's director-general on Thursday.

Dipuo Letsatsi-Duba, Minister of State Security
GCIS: Flickr

Minister of State Security Dipuo Letsatsi-Duba says she is concerned about the urgent court application by the Inspector General of Intelligence (IGI).

The ministry released a statement saying the "developments" are likely to "affect the discharge of all constitutional and legal mandates of the parties involved".

Setlhomamaru Dintwe, who was appointed IGI just over a year ago, claims the State Security Agency's (SSA) director-general Arthur Fraser has been interfering in the execution of his duties.

Dintwe filed an urgent application on Tuesday, saying Fraser has attempted to remove his security clearance - resulting in him being denied access to his own offices.

Dintwe further lists attempts to remove his security detail, among others, in his application as attempts by Fraser to obstruct him from doing his job.

In his explosive book, The President's Keepers, journalist Jacques Pauw alleges that Fraser set up an unlawful intelligence programme and influenced contracts awarded to his family members before he was appointed to head the SSA.

The DA has laid a complaint with the IGI's office which lead to him launching an investigation into the matter.

Fraser is yet to file his responding affidavit but the agency's spokesperson Brian Dube says the minister plans to take steps to ensure there is good governance at the department.

The ministry says the courts should be allowed to deal with the matter, and will not be commenting further.

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