Selebano 'accountability' challenged at Esidimeni hearings
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Selebano 'accountability' challenged at Esidimeni hearings

The suspended head of the Gauteng Health Department, Dr Barney Selebano, continued to face a tough grilling on Thursday. 

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He was testifying for a third day at the Life Esidimeni arbitration hearings in Parktown. 

Advocate Dirk Groenwald, representing some of the family members, challenged Selebano's assertions that he has taken accountability for the deaths of 143 psychiatric patients. 

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The patients died when they were moved from Life Esidimeni to ill-equipped and unlicensed NGOs. Selebano was in charge of the process. 

Groenewald queried Selebano on his assertion that he has taken responsibility, when according to Groenewald, he has done everything in his power not to testify at the proceedings. 

"I have said I have taken accountability and the matter is going to be ventilated in a disciplinary hearing where my accountability will be tested," Selebano responded. 

Groenwald also wanted to know why Selebano has taken the Health Ombudsman's findings on review. 

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Selebano responded by saying that he was merely exercising his constitutional rights. 

"I didn't suspended myself. If you said to me I should go to work tomorrow. I will go to work. The laws of the country also apply to me counsel." 

Listen here for more of Selebano’s testimony. 

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