Shamba’s death leaves owner ‘traumatised’

Shamba’s death leaves owner ‘traumatised’

The family of Mike Hodges, the owner of the now-deceased lion Shamba, says an incident with the animal has left him traumatised. 

Lion attacks man

This is according to family spokesperson, Bernadette Maguire.


"He's very traumatised at the loss of Shamba because Shamba had to be killed in the process of saving Mike. So obviously Mike is not in a good way and very traumatised at that,” Maguire told Jacaranda FM News.


Hodges suffered a broken jaw and several lacerations when he was dragged by the lion at a private game reserve near Thabazimbi in Limpopo.


He is recuperating in hospital. 


"His family are by his side, his wife and his daughter are there to support him, their very concerned about him and his whole family are mourning the loss of Shamba,” Maguire said.

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Meanwhile, Fiona Miles from the animal welfare foundation Four Paws believes Hodges should have been more careful when he entered the lion’s enclosure.


“Firstly you never enter an enclosure when the animal is present, one needs to have the animal in a separate area. And secondly, you never work alone.”  

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