Shiraaz Mohamed family reacts to kidnapping

Shiraaz Mohamed's family speaks of devastation

The family of South African photojournalist Shiraaz Mohamed have spoken of their devastation at his kidnapping in Syria.

Shiraaz Mohamed

His ex-wife Shirley Brijlal says the family is very concerned over his safety.

"We did not expect this. It seemed like he was going to be fine, because the trip was facilitated by the Gift if the Givers so we were not particularly concerned. They are all praying for his safe return," says Brijlal.

 Brijlal says Mohamed was concerned about his possible detention in Syria ahead of his departure .

"There’s a risk I might be detained tomorrow, no big deal, SA Government and Gift of the Givers will get me out. I need you to communicate with my family please. But, wait for my message to tell you what to do," a text which he sent to her read.

 Brijlal says they have not heard from him since.

"My last communication with him was at 3.15 on Tuesday at 3.17pm whilst on his way to the Turkish border. Earlier, at 12.48pm he indicated that he should be at the border by 3pm and that if I did not hear from him by 6.30pm I was to contact Ahmed Bham. An hour later he said that I should wait until 8pm to call Bham," says Brijlal.

Gift of the Givers says Mohamed was kidnapped four days ago, while on his way to the Turkish border.

He posted pictures of his trip on 7 January.

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