Six years in jail for robbery with toy gun

Six years in jail for robbery with toy gun

A couple's visit to a grocery store, for baby food, ended with a toy gun being pointed at them in Bishop Lavis on the Cape Flats.

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In the course of the robbery, last year, one of the two assailants kept urging the other to "shoot them".


Of course, the victims were unaware that the gun was a toy and, in the trauma of the moment, abandoned their shopping bag and other personal belongings, there and then, and fled for their lives.


Luckily for the community, police on patrol were flagged down, and were soon raiding a nearby house where the two thugs were hiding.


The police recovered the stolen groceries, and arrested Elroy Barron, 19, and his juvenile companion, who may not be named.


Both appeared on Thursday, in the Parow Regional Court, before magistrate Constance Nziweni, and were sentenced for aggravated armed robbery - Baron to six years jail, and the juvenile to three years house arrest


The magistrate said that the juvenile had to be sentenced in terms of special juvenile justice legislation, and could not be jailed in accordance with the Criminal Procedures Act, as had happened to Baron.


But she warned the youth that he was now confined to his home in Bonteheuwel, on the Cape Flats, 24/7, for the entire three years.


He was not allowed to leave his parental home, except to attend spiritual services or to perform daily community service, which was part of the house arrest.


She warned him that the prison authorities could monitor his home at any time of the day or night, to ensure that he was there, and not abusing drugs or liquor.


She warned: "The prison authorities need full, unfettered access to your home, at any time, so do not lock your gate and keep your dogs way from them.


She also warned the youth not to scoff at his sentence of house arrest, as apposed to prison.


She said the house arrest had strict conditions, and if he failed to comply with any of them he would be brought before the court again, to be re-sentenced.


"Take this seriously, or you will be brought before this court again."

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