SONA disruptors will be dealt with: NATJOINTS

SONA disruptors will be dealt with: NATJOINTS

The National Joint Operational and Intelligence Structure (NATJOINTS) has assured South Africans that the country's security forces are ready to secure the 2017 State of the Nation Address (SONA) by President Jacob Zuma this evening.

Parliament ahead of SONA
Photo: Faith Daniels

"The nation and community of Cape Town are urged to allow the NATJOINTS to execute its mandate of ensuring the safety and security of all without any interruptions and/or disruptions.  It is in the best interest of our country that a conducive environment is created to enable the delivery of SONA," says Brigadier Vishnu Naidoo.


Naidoo says all departments within the Justice, Crime Prevention and Security Cluster (JCPS), as well as other critical role players, have in accordance with their mandates been activated to mobilise resources necessary to ensure that SONA is delivered in a safe and secure environment.   


"The NATJOINTS guarantees the people of South Africa that the security deployment, led by the South African Police Service, will execute their mandate without fear or favour in a coordinated and professional manner.  All law enforcement agencies are urged to operate within the confines of the laws and prescripts of this country, with emphasis on exercising maximum restraint when called upon to act in response to behaviour that contravenes any law.  To this end, we request the cooperation of all, including those in attendance, those taking part in authorised protest action, all political parties and structures from all walks of life," says Naidoo.

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Naidoo says any action aimed at disrupting SONA or causing an inconvenience to any law-abiding citizen will be dealt with. 


"The law enforcement agencies will ensure that law enforcement is the order of the day; lawlessness will not be tolerated. It is important that all laws and regulations are strictly complied with at all times so that this process can unfold in a dignified and befitting manner," says Naidoo.


Naidoo says the deployment of SANDF troops is not an extraordinary measure.


"The SANDF is part and parcel of the JCPS Cluster and the NATJOINTS. Their support role in securing the State of the Nation address remains critical and they are to be allowed to take their rightful place," says Naidoo.

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