Spur denies ‘gravely ill’ employee forced to work on eve of death

Spur denies ‘gravely ill’ employee forced to work on eve of death

The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) has hit out at the Las Vegas Spur in East London over the death of its employee Funiwe 'Nandi' Nkebe.

EFF East London leaders meet with Las Vegas Spur management

Nkebe died last week after she allegedly collapsed in the restaurant.

EFF regional spokesperson Siya Rumbu alleges the mother of two called in sick on Sunday, but the eatery's manager refused to give her leave.

Rumbu says a gravely ill Nkebe went into work, fearing the loss of her job.

"She reported for duty at 2 o'clock that Sunday. However, her condition worsened while she was at work and she started vomiting and all that kind of thing.

"After that Donn, which is the manager, was informed by the other waitresses that her condition is worsening. A private ambulance was called and was there in 5 to 10 minutes, she was taken to hospital and later on that evening she passed on," Rumbu explains.

It's understood Nkebe's family got in touch with the red berets, who then approached management at the restaurant.

"The family is distraught because in the family, she was a breadwinner.

"As a result, the family is considering splitting the children - one to the grandmother and the other one to another family member.

"The leadership of the EFF, led by regional chairperson Mziyanda Hlekiso, secretary Sibongile Aloni and other delegates and one family member, the uncle of Nandi - we approached the managers and the bosses of the company, raising the issue that it's an injustice that happened at that institution.”


Rumbu claims the restaurant management agreed to cover Nkebe's funeral costs and to fund Nkebe's daughters primary and high school education.

The manager in question was placed on special leave, pending the outcome of a disciplinary hearing but the EFF want her fired for her hand in Nkebe's death.

Rumbu further claims it's not the first time the restaurant's employees have clashed with the manager.

"I think they've always had an issue with Donn, and she's always been a hostile manager, according to the workers.

"They say they've been reporting quite a number of incidents against her, and she was very arrogant - even the leadership yesterday when they were there, they say they did experience a picture of her arrogance, but they managed to put her in her place," Rumbu says.

Spur has denied the claims that Nkebe was forced to report for duty, despite calling in sick.

"The management of Las Vegas Spur Steak Ranches in East London is deeply saddened by the sudden passing of one of our team members who fell ill on Saturday 1 May 2021, visited the doctor at the Frere Hospital and was booked off for the day," says restaurant owner, Andy Brewis.

"We deny any allegations that she was coerced to report to work whilst ill," he adds.

“We have reached out to family to offer our condolences and assistance during this difficult time."

Listen to Siya Rumbu below: 

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