Strong police presence at Wits

Strong police presence at Wits

There was a strong police and security contingent at Wits University's Braamfontein campus on Tuesday morning. 

Maryke Vermaak

Last night Vice-Chancellor Adam Habib sent out a letter to staff, saying that they will resume with academic activates this morning. He also urged staff members to co-operate in ensuring classes resume this morning.

According to the letter, a small group of protesting students intimidated lecturers and staff on campus yesterday resulting in Habib having to apologise.

"It is not ideal to attend classes with police at the doors of learning, but I am left with no choice," Habib said in the letter.

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Habib also said that no mass meeting would be allowed and anyone caught contravening the rules of the university or court interdict, will be dealt with accordingly.

"Anyone infringing on the rights of others, risked facing criminal charges," Habib wrote.

This comes after a recent poll was sent out to students, with more than 70% saying they wanted to resume with classes. However, some students remain steadfast behind the Fees Must Fall movement's call for free tertiary education.

"If we do not get this right tomorrow, we have no choice but to close the university, which will compromise the 2016 academic programme and the lives of all 37 000 students," Habib said.

Wits Students
Maryke Vermaak

Habib also warned that the shutdown of Wits will have far-reaching consequences and that such a decision should be a last resort.

"I therefore plead with you to work with me once more and try to save the 2016  academic year, and the future of this great university," Habib concluded.

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