Study: 'Young people are not lazy'

Study: 'Young people are not lazy'

The image of a young graduate standing at a busy intersection holding a placard with their qualifications, calling for employment is an image all too familiar in South Africa.

unemployed graduate at the robots

And as we celebrate Youth Day and pay tribute to the youth of 1976, the issues faced by young people in South Africa, including a high rate of unemployment, often feel insurmountable.


According to Stats SA, the number of unemployed youth stands at a staggering 55%.

According to Director at the Centre for Social Development in Africa, Lauren Graham, youth unemployment can be attributed to a skills mismatch.

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"Where we do see growth, it's typically in sectors that require higher levels of skills," says Graham.

"Young people are certainly not lazy, they're not sitting on the side of the road. They want to work, they really want that first opportunity to prove themselves."

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