Sydney Mufamadi: I did not want to work under Jacob Zuma

Sydney Mufamadi: I did not want to work under Jacob Zuma

Former cabinet minister, Sydney Mufamadi told the Complimentary Breakfast this morning that he left government in 2008 because he did not want to serve under the leadership of Jacob Zuma.

Sydney Mufamadi

Mufamadi was Minister of Safety and Security from 1994 to 1999 and Minister of Provincial and Local Government from 1999 to 2008.

He remember Nelson Mandela's inauguration as president today, 22 years ago, and said that they had a clear vision of a new South Africa.

"That generation of leaders had a clear vision for the country. A South Africa where people are all at peace with one another. We all had to do what was needed for a new SA," he told the Complimentary Breakfast.

Mufamadi says while there was growing concern about the current political situation in South Africa, it was important to remember that we are a "country under construction."

"There will always be challenges along the way and currently it is mixed within the ANC. Some people are defending the "indefensible," he added.

He also said that branches within the ruling party have already spoken out against the President and that this was a reason to be optimistic.

Responding to a question about President Jacob Zuma's leadership, Mufamadi said that he left government because he knew he could not work under leadership of Jacob Zuma.

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