Taxi protest against drugs shuts down Brits

Taxi protest against drugs shuts down Brits

Taxi owners and drivers shut down Brits on Wednesday in protest against drug dealers in the area.

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Steve Bhengu

North West police have confirmed taxi drivers abandoned their taxis at different exits and entrances, but says the situation remained calm through the day.


Taxi owner Samuel Serakwane claims police are not doing their job.


"These nyaope people are troubling our customers, last week they stabbed seven of our customers with knives and one died. We have taken into consideration that police are not doing their job and they are involved in this nyaope thing, they know who the people who are dealing with drugs but they don't do anything."


Serakwane says they have no choice but to take the law into their own hands.


"We are dealing with the people selling and buying the drugs, especially the Nigerians. They are the ones who are doing these things. We have cleaned up the town, there is no more nyaope in town and anyone who smokes it, these small boys, we have taken them home, all of them.”


He says they will monitor the situation and anyone they suspect to be a drug dealer or robber will be chased away. 


Serakwane has dismissed claims that the protests are fuelled by xenophobia. 


He says three taxi drivers were arrested because of the shutdown but have since been released.

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