Thank you ANC, but we no longer need you - Khoza

Thank you ANC, but we no longer need you - Khoza

ANC MP Makhosi Khoza says the governing party needs to be thanked for the role it played in the liberation in South Africa, but says the country no longer needs the ANC if it is going to do to South Africa what the apartheid government did.

Makhosi Khoza in Parliament
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Khoza made the remarks at the Ruth First Memorial Round Table discussion hours after she was removed as chairperson of Parliament's Portfolio Committee on Public Service and Administration.

"When the ANC ignores the people that put it into power, we have to be able to stand up as South Africans and say, that is not the mission that we supported you for," says Khoza.

Khoza says South Africans need to build a new country, together, based on the Constitution.

"I think South Africa now is entering the next phase of the struggle," explains Khoza. "The next phase is that of implementing the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa."

The ANC's Chief Whip office says the decision to remove Khoza was based on the "irretrievable breakdown of relations between herself and ANC members of the committee".

ANC MPs boycotted a committee meeting earlier this week where minister Faith Muthambi was expected to answer to allegations of irregular expenditure and nepotism.

Khoza undertook to summon Muthambi to Parliament for failing to show for the meeting, despite being in Cape Town at the time.

"The irretrievable breakdown of relations arises from her public utterances preceding the motion of no confidence vote in President Jacob Zuma and her continued public attacks on ANC leadership and members of her ANC Caucus," reads the statement by the ANC Chief Whip.

A number of opposition parties have meanwhile come out in defence of Khoza, criticising the ANC for its decision.

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