There is a new sheriff in town says Mbalula

There is a new sheriff in town says Mbalula

Police Minister Fikile Mbalula has outlined plans for his first 100 days in office, saying he wants fit police officers who are able to defend themselves.

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Photo: GCIS

Speaking in Pretoria, Mbalula said time is running out for police officers who are involved in criminal activities. 

"Criminals cannot rule forever and we know them. We also know there are rouge police officers who are on the payroll of criminals and gangsters. You give an order and police turn a blind eye to the order, because they report to criminals. It might take time but we will find them. Don't worry, there is a new sheriff in town."  

Mbalula urged police officers to the ruthless against criminals who kill their colleagues. But he warned police officers to remain within the ambit of the law.. 

"We will meet fire with fire. Within prescribes of the law, we will shoot to defend the innocent. We will shoot to defend ourselves and members of the South African police services. To ensure that there is law and order in this country, criminals will not reign."  

Mbalula said there are too many officers performing administrative duties, rather than being out on the streets fighting crime. 

"Currently on average the proportion of SAPS members who are involved in frontline activities totals 43%, this means 57% of SAPS members are employed in administrative and supervisory positions. It is my intention to move swiftly in shifting off administrative responsibilities from SAPS members to allow more SAPS members to be involved in frontline activities," Mbalula promised. 

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