‘Thin blue line’ in Gauteng ready for festive season

‘Thin blue line’ in Gauteng ready for festive season

Gauteng police commissioner Elias Mawela says it’s all systems go for the men and women in blue as the festive season kicks off. 

Elias Mawela

Mawela led a multi-disciplinary operation in Tshwane on Thursday in a bid to assess Covid-19 regulations compliance. 

He visited taxi ranks and shopping malls in the capital. 

Mawela believes the province’s police are ready for the busy festive season.  

“We know the petty crimes especially in the capital city like your street robberies, it’s so hectic there so we felt we needed to come and strengthen the arm of the law there.”

At least 231 suspects have been arrested in the city since Wednesday. 


Roadblocks have also been conducted since week and will continue throughout the festive period. 

Mawela says police will maintain a visible presence in malls and taxi ranks to keep order in the city. 

Police are also expected to keep close watch of bars, taverns and clubs for Covid-19 compliance.  

“Roadblocks are key for us because the criminals use the roads, they use their vehicles and hide firearms in the vehicles – they rob, they hijack and they use the roads so we will be more with roadblocks to deal with those challenges.

“Yes, our hands will be full especially with those people using intoxicating liquor and drugs, those who are not even adhering to the Covid regulations. 

He admits there is still a shortage of resources but says not enough to hinder the work of law enforcement.  

“We have identified some places that are high risk areas in terms of robberies and the safety of the people, especially in those malls.  

“The resources will never ever be enough, but we work with what we have.”

He has a warning for criminals.

“We are just warning them and it’s a frank warning to say, ‘please leave my people alone, leave the people of Gauteng alone, let them enjoy their festive in peace’.”

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