Tropical cyclone Enawo hits Madagascar

Tropical cyclone Enawo hits Madagascar

Another tropical cyclone is wreaking havoc along the east coast of Africa with winds of up to 210 km/hour, heavy rain and high seas. 

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The Category 4 cyclone is the most powerful storm to hit Madagascar in at least 13 years.


This comes shortly after Cyclone Dineo caused extensive damage along the coast of Mozambique last month.


According to the South African Weather Service tropical cyclone Enawo, whose name originated from Malawi, has made landfall over the north-eastern parts of Madagascar, near the town of Antalaha.

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The storm is expected to move in a southerly direction but will stay well clear of South Africa and Mozambique.


"We can state with high confidence that there is no need for South Africans to be in any way concerned about this system," the SA Weather Service says.

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