Tshwane water woes continue

Tshwane water woes continue

The City of Tshwane released a media statement on Monday morning, saying that the city had to step in to mitigate water shortages. 

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"In the interests of providing the necessary services to its residents, the Tshwane government has stepped in to mitigate the water shortages that have been as a result of national government," the statement read.

City officials say the current shortage of water is attributed to Rand Water unilaterally electing to cut 15% of the city's water supply without prior notification or any plan to mitigate the shortages in the interim.

As such we are distributing water tankers and have requested for four more to be provided so that our residents don't have to feel the entire burden of national governments inability to properly plan," the city said.

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The city says Rand Water has promised to rectify the current water shortage adding that they are committed to ensuring that quality services are delivered to residents of the city.

"We will ensure that the people of Tshwane have access to this precious resource that we all need on a daily basis in our businesses and homes," the statement concluded.

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