TWEETS: #WTF takes on #RhodesMustFall

TWEETS: #WTF takes on #RhodesMustFall

The Democratic Alliance Student Organisation (DASO) took on UCT's #RhodesMustFall movement with #WTF. 

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#WTF, which stands for Where's The Funding, started trending alongside #RhodesMustFall on Twitter, following chaos at the University of Cape Town on Tuesday night. 

DASO released a statement condemning violent actions taken by student affiliated to #RhodesMustFall. 

"The issue of accommodation is a legitimate and serious concern that is affecting not only UCT, but campuses across South Africa. Students already face difficult circumstances on campus without having to be further negatively impacted by a movement that seeks to divide students using racial rhetoric and divisive actions," it said.

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