Twitter loses its mind over Trevor Noah's blinged up penthouse

Twitter loses its mind over Trevor Noah's blinged up penthouse

Trevor Noah has made it and South Africans are having none of it! 

Trevor Noah NYC apartment

Well a lot of us aren't. 



The Daily Show host has splurged a reported R130 million on a Midtown Manhattan penthouse.

He has officially made it and according to Twitter can now leave the #PeopleWhoThinkTheyMadeIt club.



Congratulations tweets are still pouring in, but there's also the hilariously unnecessary backlash.



Twitter is outraged and have now made it about who the comedian is dating, why he's not spending his money in South Africa and even why he's not pumping money back into South Africa.



Because you know we have the full lowdown of what he does with his dollar bills.

According to reports, Noah traded in his two-bedroom apartment for a duplex in the Stella Tower in Hell's Kitchen.



The Wall Street Journal reports that Noah's new three bedroom, three-and-a-half bathroom penthouse boasts wall-to-wall windows, an eat-in chef's kitchen and very luxurious finishes.



This is what a typical apartment in Stella Towers looks like.


These tweeps are bang on the money and say the anger is all a little misplaced. 

blockquote class="twitter-tweet" data-lang="en">

South Africans are seriously mad at Trevor Noah? Lol! That's HIS money. Be mad at your president, 'cause that's YOUR money.

— Afiwa's Quart'er (@MoabiLives) February 28, 2017

Some even believe Noah owes us something. 

Whatever the sentiment - one thing is clear, Trevor started at the bottom, and now he's…well in a penthouse. 

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