Two toddlers killed in Mpumalanga house fire

Two toddlers killed in Mpumalanga house fire

Two toddlers died in Amersfoort, Mpumalanga, when their home was engulfed by flames on Monday.


The pair and a third toddler had allegedly been left in the care of a guardian when the incident occurred. 

According to Mpumalanga police spokesperson Donald Mdhluli, the guardian stepped out of the house leaving the 2-year-old children alone with a burning candle.  

“Moments later neighbours saw flames and called for help, the guardian is said to have arrived and informed them that the children were inside the house. They managed to rescue one of the twins, the boy, whilst the two girls could not be saved and were later certified dead at the scene by medical personnel,” Mdhluli explained. 

“The boy was rushed to hospital where he's currently receiving medical attention.” 

An inquest case was registered at the local police station. 

“The matter is being investigated,” Mdhluli added. 

He further appealed to the community not to leave children unattended. 


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