Vaccines: Cope wants minister to step in

Vaccines: Cope wants minister to step in

The Congress of the People has called on the Minister of Health Aaron Motsoaledi to step in after the Eastern Cape health department stopped issuing free vaccines to private clinics and pharmacies.


Cope said the Eastern Cape's decision had been short-sighted.


Cope said that the department just had to ensure that people understood that the vaccine itself was free, but that they would be charged a service fee.


"If people didn't want to pay the service fee they could go to a government clinic and wait in queues."


"People who have time constraints and would rather pay a service fee than waste a whole day at a government medical centre should have this choice," Cope said in a statement.


They said that to deny a child of vaccines is a denial of a fundamental right, "very foolish and irresponsible".


Cope argued that vaccines are cost effective and that there is a much higher cost to the government when they have to deal with the outbreak of diseases that could have been prevented by vaccination.



Author:  News24

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