"A vicious, calculated, despicable attack on police officers": Obama

"A vicious, calculated, despicable attack on police officers": Obama

US President Barack Obama has described the shooting of five police officers in Dallas, Texas as a vicious attack on police. 

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Five officers were killed and six wounded when gun shots were fired during a Black Lives Matter protest on Thursday evening.


The protest was sparked by the killing of two unarmed black men this week.


Obama said the officers were doing their job to protect the community, but where targeted.


"There is no possible justification for these kinds of attacks or any violence against law enforcement. The FBI is already in touch with the Dallas police and anyone involved will be held fully accountable," he said.


According to Dallas police there are multiple suspects.


Obama said all Americans have to be concerned about the racial disparities in the criminal justice system. 


"Our police have an extraordinarily difficult job and the vast majority of them do their job in an outstanding fashion. I also indicated the degree in which we need to be supportive of all those officers who do their job each and every day protecting us."


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