VIDEO: EFF hits out at Guptas

VIDEO: EFF hits out at Guptas

Economic Freedom Fighter leader Julius Malema said they have now declared war against the Gupta family. 

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The EFF briefed the media on Thursday saying they don't want to be associated with any of the Gupta publications because the Guptas are the pinnacle of corruption in the country.

Malema told journalists who work for Gupta-owned ANN7 and The New Age to stay away from all EFF events.

"We must take action against corruption. It has reached the levels where we will no longer tolerate it anymore. It's a battle, it's a war against [the] Guptas," he said.

Malema said the Guptas were as bad as the cartel and mafia and that they were the protectors of corruption (through the media).

"We cannot allow a situation where South Africa is colonised by a family. We will do to the Guptas what we did to the colonisers and apartheid. We did not send them love letters. We engaged them directly. It's time to engage the Guptas directly because the more we talk, the more they become more corrupt and they do not care about South Africa."

Malema said South Africans should march to the Constitutional Court on 9 February against the Guptas and corruption, when they will deliver their arguments in their case against President Jacob Zuma and the spending at his Nkandla homestead.

Malema declared that the party has rejected the president's proposed settlement on money spent on non-security upgrades.

Malema said it's time for all South Africans to play an active role in the removal of President Zuma.

"If you tweet about it, write about it on Facebook while sitting comfortably in your bed and call that a revolutionary action, it is not. Action is on 9 February. So stop tweeting from your bed, come and tweet from the picket lines," he said.

Malema questioned the president's motives behind his sudden decision to pay back the money after several moves to avoid it.

"Zuma says he is going to pay. We are talking millions and millions of money here. He must tell us where he is going to get the money from," he said.

The relationship between President Zuma and the Guptas made headlines again recently when the tripartite alliance questioned the Gupta's influence.

(Edited by Suné du Toit)

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