Video shows mob justice attack in Durban

Video shows mob justice attack in Durban

Durban police say no case has been opened after a video emerged showing an attempted hijacking in the CBD, yesterday.


The video, which has been circulating on social media, shows two men approaching a parked car with the driver's door open - in Durban's Pine Street.

The two suspected hijackers are seen scuffling with the driver - until the elderly man is pulled out, where he then falls to the ground.

Within seconds, a woman who can be seen loading something into the boot of her car, rushes to confront the suspects. Other members of the public are seen racing to assist, before some of them begin meting out mob justice to one of the suspects.

His accomplice managed to flee from the crowd on foot.

Police spokesperson Thulani Zwane says they are discouraging members of the community from taking the law into their own hands.

"They rather apprehend the suspects and hand them over to the police so that police [can] deal with them but we are appealing to whoever was robbed to come forward and give us information so that a case will be opened and we can start our investigation," he said.

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