WATCH: Chaos as Daspoort tunnel protest continues

WATCH: Chaos as Daspoort tunnel protest continues

Metro police and police have been deployed to the west of Pretoria where protesters have taken to the streets in the Hercules area.

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Photo: Maryke Vermaak, JacarandaFM News

Van der Hoff Road crossing Bremer Street was closed Wednesday morning as protesters blockaded roads with burning tyres.

They are unhappy about the A Re Yeng Tswane Bus Rapid Transit service that has been affected by an ongoing strike as well as a lack of service delivery.


A community leader said they were dumped in a squatter camp and forgotten.


"They give us no water, no electricity, nothing there and our kids are struggling to go to school now because of the [bus] strike," the community leader said.


The Tswane Metro police's Isaac Mahamba said the situation was tense.


The Daspoort tunnel was completely closed in both directions.


"People coming from the north and people coming from the south, there is no way they can access the tunnel - it is completely closed," he said.


Reporting by Maryke Vermaak

Edited by Faith Daniels

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