WATCH: EFF MPL forcefully removed from Limpopo Legislature

WATCH: EFF MPL forcefully removed from Limpopo Legislature

The EFF in Limpopo staged a walkout in the provincial legislature on Tuesday after the opposition party's provincial leader, Jossey Buthane, was forcefully removed.

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The tabling of the provincial budget was dumped into chaos when Buthane requested to debate a motion without notice raised by the ANC.

It relates to the termination of a controversial hospital laundry tender contract.

Speaker Polly Boshielo called for a division, but Buthane disputed the motion.

"I'm not here to be bullied by anyone. I am here to do my work and I must be allowed to do my work," Buthane argued when asked to leave the House.

Boshielo then called on the police to escort Buthane out of the chambers.

The EFF MPL was then forcefully dragged out of the chambers.

"I'm not going to leave. She must reconsider that decision," he shouted.

Shortly after that, Treasury MEC Rob Tooley tabled his budget speech, allocating over half of the province's budget to the education department.

"An additional amount of R100 million is made available from the provincial reserves to address the schools damaged by storms. " he said.

Edited by Marius van der Walt

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