[WATCH] Khoisan praise singer makes history at SONA

[WATCH] Khoisan praise singer makes history at SONA

Parliament made history when it invited the first Khoisan praise singer to lead President Cyril Ramaphosa into the National Assembly for his State of the Nation Address (SONA).

SONA Imbongi
Screenshot: Youtube

Thursday marked Ramaphosa’s first SONA since last month’s general election.

Praise singer Bradley van Sitters, of Khoisan heritage, was invited to lead Ramaphosa – a first for the Khoi, who also has been documented has the first inhabitants of South Africa.


After succumbing to pressure from cultural groups over the scrapping of an imbongi, National Assembly Speaker Thandi Modise confirmed the spiritual ritual will take place.

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“Our language is dear to us. It’s, it’s our heartbeat. Its who we are. So, for our language to be heard in Parliament – it’s a very, very big moment,” an emotional Van Sitters told Parliament TV.

He added: “Cape town has its original name //Hui !Gaeb – we want to welcome the president in the indigenous name.”

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