WATCH: Lily Mine families sing, pray as they wait

WATCH: Lily Mine families sing, pray as they wait

After another day of search and rescue operations at the Lily Gold Mine in Mpumalanga, family members have come together as they wait for news.

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Rescue operations are in their fifth day as rescue workers race to get to a containers where three mine workers, two women and one man, are trapped.

Operations Manager, Mike Begg told Jacaranda FM news earlier on Tuesday that rescue workers heard "audible" sounds this morning, indicating that the miners were still alive.

The three have been trapped under the ground since Friday after the main crown pillar apparently collapsed into the underground open stopes, trapping almost 100 mine workers at the start of the morning shift.

Maryke Vermaak is at Lily Mine and has this update...

The families of the tree trapped miners have come together at the gate of the mine to sing and pray for their loved ones.

AMCU President Joseph Mathunjwa paid a visit to the mine on Tuesday.

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