WATCH: Monkeys swimming in hospital tankers 'fake news'

WATCH: Monkeys swimming in hospital tankers 'fake news'

The Gauteng Department of Health has distanced itself from a video that has been circulated on social media where monkeys are seen swimming inside black water tankers.

WATCH: Monkeys swimming in hospital tankers ‘fake news’

It is alleged that the video was taken at Jubilee District Hospital in Hammanskraal, which has been the epicentre of a deadly cholera outbreak.

The department says the same video made the rounds in April and was alleged to have been taken at Helen Joseph Hospital.  

Spokesperson Motalatale Modiba says their facilities do not use black water tankers.     

“GDoH health facilities use green JoJo tankers and the water supplied by local authorities and water utilities to our hospitals and clinics is clean and can be used for human consumption and other services”. 

Modiba has warned the claims could cause unnecessary panic among patients. 

“It is irresponsible for people to circulate on social media unverified content which spreads lies about water provision at facilities as this has the potential to cause panic among patients, their families and communities who depend on public health facilities for healthcare services.

“Anyone that creates or spreads fake news about the GDoH or any other facility can be charged with crimen injuria and is liable for prosecution.”


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