WATCH: #ProjectWaterDrop is well underway

WATCH: #ProjectWaterDrop is well underway

Dianne Broodryk gives you an update on progress made with #ProjectWaterDrop.


Thousands of Jacaranda FM listeners arrived at the station's headquarters on Monday to help load water onto trucks destined for the drought-stricken areas of North West.

The initiative, spearheaded by the Complimentary Breakfast's Rian van Heerden, exceeded all expectations after a call to listeners to donate water to those who need it most.

Residents of North West were hit hard by the recent drought with reports of children drinking water from airconditioning outlets.

Listeners opened their hearts and donated hundreds of thousands of bottles of water to the #ProjectWaterDrop initiative with schools, rugby teams and corporates also helping to load the water onto trucks.

The Complimentary Breakfast team will leave for North West on Tuesday afternoon, with the convoy of trucks, filled with water, in tow.

Dianne Broodryk gives you an update.

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