WATCH: Rhinos roam Bloemfontein streets

WATCH: Rhinos roam Bloemfontein streets

Residents from an upper-class residential estate in Groenvlei, Bloemfontein, were caught by surprise on Tuesday morning when two rhinos were spotted casually making their way towards a local shopping complex.

Rhinos take a morning stroll in Bfn traffic

The rhinos, named after a famous Zulu King and Colombian singer, each weigh 2,4 tonnes and belong to a well-known local wildlife estate.  

The owner of the estate has, owing to concerns and fears around rhino poaching, asked not to have his premises mentioned in the media.  

The owner was alerted of their great escape at 6am by a close friend, prompting him and his team to scramble out of their beds in search for the two rhinos, Shaka and Shakira.  

It’s understood the pair escaped from the wildlife estate after the gate was left open during ongoing construction.  

The duo had managed to get close to a local shopping complex in the course of their 20 min excursion before they were promptly apprehended.

The animals were not darted, they were merely guided back to the estate by employees whose voices they are reportedly familiar with.  

Despite one or two encounters between the calm rhinos and motorists, no major incidents or damages were reported. 

The two rhinos are now safely back at home under 24-hour protection, alongside 40 other friends in the estate. 


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