WATCH: Trevor Noah making waves for Malema skit

WATCH: Trevor Noah making waves for Malema skit

Social media is divided over comedian Trevor Noah’s comments about Economic Freedom Fighter (EFF) leader Julius Malema.

Trevor Noah on Malema

Malema’s fiery relationship with members of the media has once again come into the spotlight after Noah took a stab at Malema.


Noah’s comments on the Daily Show have drawn both praise and criticism, with some saying the comedian misrepresented Malema while others said Noah they believed it to be the correct reflection of the red berets’ leader.


“South Africa also has a popular anti-establishment politician in this election – his name is Julius Malema. And if you think Trump is bad wait until you see how Julius treats the press.”


He’s comments were then followed by interview inserts where Malema lambastes journalists.

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