Warning issued as deadly 'zombie' drug hits Durban

Warning issued as deadly 'zombie' drug hits Durban

A powerful drug, causing havoc overseas, has been traced to parts of Kwa-Zulu Natal.

zombie drug flakka

A Durban-based organisation is ringing the alarm bells after the new drug, that has already caused havoc in other countries, has been picked up in the city. 

The drug has been making headlines in the US, Brazil and Australia.

'Flakka' or the 'zombie drug' has been traced to Pinetown, Chatsworth, Wentworth and Phoenix.

The Anti-Drug Forum's Sam Pillay says it's considered extremely dangerous and causes hallucination, panic and hysteria. 

He says the drug could even be deadly.

"We were devastated when we heard that this flakka has reached our shores because of the great negative impact that it has on any individual that consumes it...People turn into a zombie state - they just feel demonic," he says.

Pillay says it's still unknown exactly what is in the drug - making it difficult for doctors to treat.

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Police say there have been some arrests in connection with the drug with some users hospitalised.

Listen to the full interview with the forum's Sam Pillay below.

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