We need to do more - and mean it

We need to do more - and mean it

On the United Nation's Women's page the following information is given for the 16 Days of Activism against gender-based violence - that it's "a time to galvanize action to end violence against women and girls around the world."

Faith Daniels
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In South Africa, we focus on the plight of women and children. 

Our reality is that this is and cannot be a 16 day focus. 

That in fact, as a society, we need to take a stand and make this our 365 days campaign. 

The way we do that is to speak out, highlight, inform and educate consistently. 

It is not shameful or a disgrace for a woman or child to speak out. It is shameful when a society condones the behaviour of perpetrators -  those who harm our women and children, by staying silent. We need to remove the stigma attached to stepping out and speaking. We need to collectively say that these abuses will not happen in our names. 

So many of us have had certain experiences within relationships, within households, within our society - and we've remained quiet. 

We think of what others will say when they hear our stories. Will they think less of us? Will they shun us? Will they help us? 

In the series of stories and profiles we will feature during this campaign, we hope you draw strength from the courageous women who've chosen to speak out. 

We hope you get the information or assistance you might need to stand up, or help a friend. 

Most of all though, we hope that it makes you appreciate that it takes courage and boldness to share your story in the hope that it will save another woman, another child. 

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