[WATCH] What went wrong: the polluted Roodeplaat Dam

[WATCH] What went wrong: the polluted Roodeplaat Dam

The Roodeplaat Dam in Tshwane might soon cease to exist due to shocking levels of pollution.

Roodeplaat Dam

Baby diapers, earbuds, paper and human waste are some of the scrap that have made its way to the Roodeplaat Dam.


Local businessman Shaun Vell says the pollution has resulted in the depth of the water only sitting at around 30 centimetres.


He fingered the inability of the Baviaanspoort Waste Water Treatment Works to clean the water  properly. Local entrepreneurs have been shutting their doors due to the polluted water and subsequent stench. 


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Slough has been building up since 2017 following a cable theft incident at the plant.


The city allocated R30 million to upgrade the local waste water treatment plant, but the state of the dam indicates that the monies might have been misappropriated.

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