WITS: Bystander tells media how police grabbed his phone

WITS: Bystander tells media how police grabbed his phone

A bystander claims that police man handled him while he was filming the protest at Wits University on Tuesday morning. 

Wits Bystander
Silindelo Masikane

Students have vowed to shut down the University of the Witwatersrand after the Minister of Higher Education, Blade Nzimande announced that universities should determine their own fee increases.

Nzimande made the announcement yesterday but capped the increases to 8% with students saying they simply can't afford it.

A bystander told the media how police grabbed his phone while he was filming one of the students being arrested as they took to the streets of Johannesburg this morning.

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"The police officer grabbed my phone and grabbed me by the throat and all we were doing was observing the protest," the bystander said.

Watch the video here: 

Meanwhile students are still being mobolised at Wits with student representatives saying they won't back down.

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