Wits to reopen on Tuesday

Wits to reopen on Tuesday

Wits University will reopen on Tuesday with all staff expected to return to work on Monday, the tertiary institution has confirmed.

Wits campus_jacanews
Photo: Maryke Vermaak

The decision to reopen was taken after the university conducted a poll to determine what the majority of students and staff wanted amid ongoing protests on campus.


Preliminary results from the poll show that 77% of students and 91% of staff who participated want the academic programme to resume.


The poll was conducted on Thursday.


Wits University spokesperson Shirona Patel said the phased reopening follows several engagements with stakeholders, including students.


She also admitted that while having a security presence on campus is not ideal, it was left with no choice.


“We will request the police to remain on the perimeter of the campus this week, unless there is a need to bring them on campus, or there is risk to life or property.”


The tertiary institution has committed to gradually reducing security provided:


-          University activities continue without disruption;

-          There is no violence, intimidation or threat to students and staff;

-          There is no destruction of property


With concern mounting over whether universities affected by the recent wave of student protests, Patel said: “Together, we can still save the 2016 academic year, while continuing the struggle for free education for the poor and the so-called missing middle.”


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