Woolworths recalls ice cream products

Woolworths recalls ice cream products

Retail giant Woolworths on Tuesday recalled 12 ice cream and sorbet products which were not labelled with the necessary peanut allergen warnings.

Woolworths ice cream

“The labelling ‘product made in a factory which uses peanuts’ provides potentially allergic customers with guidance to make informed buying decisions. This labelling has been omitted from some of these products in error,” said the spokesperson speaking on behalf of Woolworths, Meropa Communications’ Sam Logan.

The labelling, which had been omitted on the 12 products, indicates the possibility that the product could have come into contact with food allergens during production.

The 12 products recalled were Extremely Creamy Madagascan Vanilla Dairy Ice Cream, 32 Italian kisses, Extremely Creamy Pistachio Dairy Ice Cream, Extremely Creamy Belgian Chocolate Dairy Ice Cream, Slimmers Choice Fruit Sorbet Mini Lollies, 6 mini Almond Solos, 6 mini Vanilla Solos, Mixed Berry Sorbet, Granadilla Sorbet, Mango Sorbet, Hazelnut Dairy Ice Cream, and Lemon sorbet.

Woolworths said no other ice creams or other products were affected.

“As an absolute precaution, Woolworths has taken a decision to rather remove all these products from their store shelves to avoid potentially putting peanut allergic customers at risk,” said Logan.

Woolworths customers who had purchased any of the recalled products were advised to check if their products lacked the required labels. If so, they could return the products to Woolworths for a full refund.

“Woolworths apologises for any inconvenience caused and, should customers want further information, they can contact the customer care line 0860 022 002,” said Logan. - ANA

(Photo: woolworths.co.za)

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