Workers find 4-metre-long snake in Zimbali

Workers find 4-metre-long snake in Zimbali

Workers fitting fibre optic cables in Zimbali got the fright of their lives of their lives after discovering that 4-metre-long African Rock Python had slithered it's way into one of their pipes on Monday.

African Rock Python found in Zimbali
Screengrab - YouTube

Video footage taken by local, Ashan Beethasi shows the workers trying to rescue it by slowly pulling the back of the stuck snake as they did not know how far along in the pipe its head was.

Beethasi described the moment two of the terrified workers managed to get the massive serpent out.

"It was so huge. I was standing right there.  So, one of my guys saw the guys (technicians) holding the tail, he was helping them bring it out. He wasn't scared of the snake. 

"I actually looked into its mouth trying to get a video. It's fangs go backwards and if you get your hand inside there -it's scary.  And I saw that mouth open. Oh my word! You have to have been there to witness it because the video doesn't do it justice. Everyone just ran away," he said. 

The snake was later released back into the wild. 

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