You've got mail - or not yet

You've got mail - or not yet

The South African Post Office (SAPO) says it has reduced the mail backlog from 50 million in June to close to 7 million.

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File photo: Laila Majiet

In July, Post Office employees embarked on a two-week strike that saw operations come to a halt and South Africans not receiving  mail.


The post office's Sibusiso Xaba says domestic mail is nearly up to date with 80% of the post less than 10 days old.


He adds the post office is getting up to date with mails outgoing domestically and internationally.


However, he admits to challenges pertaining to mail coming into the country, from elsewhere.


"We are six weeks behind on that mail, particularly registered letters," says Xaba.


SAPO says it sees an inflow of 2 million items nationally each day, while there are currently 12 million pieces of mail in the system.


With Christmas approaching, Xaba says security at post offices across the country have been beefed up to ensure the safety of mails and gifts.


"We are confident that we will make the country proud in terms of pushing the gifts and postcards that would be moving at this time."


Xaba believes domestic mail operations will return to normal, adding citizen will receive their mail within two days.


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