Zuma: Blacks need to be their own economic liberators

Zuma: Blacks need to be their own economic liberators

ANC President Jacob Zuma says black South Africans need to be their own economic liberators.

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Photo: Samkelo Maseko

The President addressed the SASCO 'Right to Learn' campaign at Durban's Mangosuthu University of Technology last night.

Zuma continued the theme of radical economic transformation, a subject he has raised several times since the ANC's January 8 statement.


He says for economic emancipation to be completed, banks, mines and land needs to be nationalised.


This process, Zuma says, needs to be led by the youth.


"Why do you go to school? Why do you get educated? You must move away from the mentality that you do this because you want to get a nice job. You must get to the mentality that you want to get educated so you can create jobs," says Zuma.

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Zuma believes South Africa is wealthy country.


"We can turn around its wealth to empower and make everyone live comfortably and reach the prosperity that we talk about in the Freedom Charter. You play an important role as this organised, progressive mass of young people who must, therefore, turn the economy so that we can have security in the country," says Zuma.

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