Zuma booed at Youth Day event

Zuma booed at Youth Day event

President Jacob has been booed at the National Youth Day commemoration in Ventersdorp in the North West.

President Jacob Zuma_gcis
Photo: GCIS

The group of students chanted "Zuma must go" and were removed from the tent.

The group carried on chanting outside the tent throughout the address as the president continued with his address.

President Zuma says the current generation's struggle for economic freedom, is similiar to that of the generation of 1976.

"The youth is now fighting for social and economic freedom. The youth of 2017 is fighting for freedom from poverty, inequality and unemployment," says President Zuma.

"The Government in 1976 responded with guns to the call of young people for freedom and a better life. The democratic government calls upon young people to work with us in all spheres of government, as we proceed to ensure that young people live in decent homes in communities with roads, electricity, water, recreational facilities."

President Zuma also urged the private sector to employ young people as interns so that they can gain much needed experience and skills. 

"Many young [people] are sitting at home with qualifications. All who are in management positions in various companies and the public sector must make it their responsibility to appoint young people as interns each year and give our youth a head start in life," says President Zuma.

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