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YOUTH VOICES: Dr. Layla Cassim

As we approach June 16 and reflect on the tremendous strides we’ve made as a country, Jacaranda FM news profiles young people making a difference in their communities. 

Dr. Layla Cassim
Jacaranda FM News

In a variety of ways, big and small, they’re making South Africa a better place. 

They do the things they do because they believe in giving back to their respective communities, or just feel passionately about making a difference and contributing to the greater good. 

This week, we introduce you to Dr Layla Cassim, who has started a business focusing on developing post graduate students reach their academic potential and complete their degrees. 

Layla’s aim is to provide each student in South Africa with their own copy of a Postgraduate Toolkit – which she has designed and developed. 

Faith Daniels spoke to Layla who explained why she’s committed to developing education.

In the past four and a half years, more than 2-thousand students – both here and abroad have used the toolkit as a resource to assist them in their studies. 

Stellenbosch University and Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University have obtained a licence from Layla to make some of the content of the Toolkit available to their postgraduate students. 

Dr. Layla Cassim Toolkit

The toolkit has now been revised with extensive updates. Layla’s dream is that every single registered postgraduate student will have access to the toolkit –for that to happen, she needs funders to come on board. 

The goal for 2016 is that 20 thousand students will be reached nationally. 

Layla feels passionately about making a difference in the education landscape of the country – and contribute to building an educated and skilled nation. 

Dr. Layla Cassim
Jacaranda FM News

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