YOUTH VOICES: Zakhele Xaba

YOUTH VOICES: Zakhele Xaba

Meet 23 year-old Zakhele Xaba from Soweto. He is the co-founder of a youth development programme called 'The Core'. 

The programme aims to help young people from disadvantaged backgrounds navigate life - addressing issues of concern at home and school. 

Zakhele and five other students started the mentoring and tutoring program at the beginning of this year. Once a week, they meet up with close to two hundred youngsters between the ages of 13 and 18 -and help them with their homework, listen to their issues, and try to find solutions to possible problems. 

The aim is to have all of these youngsters perform at their peak in school - and see them through the higher education system. The group of mentors say they want to break the cycle of poverty and illiteracy, and ensure that for these youngsters, there are better choices to be made, securing a better future. 

The children who are part of the program, all live in and around the greater Johannesburg area. 

Xaba believes that young people must give back to respective communities - in big and small ways. 

He is a student in his final year of studying towards a law degree, and believes in the youth of this country, who can all change things for the better. 

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Olivia Phalaetsile spoke to Xaba about his drive to make a difference…

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